About Cork

Natures amazing solution for water protection, acoustic balancing, insects repellence, and thermal insulation; cork has even been used by NASA for heat deterrence on rockets! 


Manufactured by Kolmer Industries SA, a leading paint and coating manufacturer in Europe for over 75 years, Suber by Kolmer™ was originally developed as SuberTres™in 2000 and has been successfully used on thousands of diverse projects.  Along with the proprietary water-based acrylic resin, the primary component is high grade raw cork (96%), natures perfect and renewable insulating material.

The Secrets of Cork

Cork is the light and porous bark covering the wood of cork oaks (Quercus Súber). It gradually becomes thicker and thicker as the tree grows and can reach a thickness of 10". It protects the tree from the extreme conditions of the Mediterranean climate, such as drought, high summer temperatures, cold and fires.  

In verified laboratory testing, cork remains between 32ºF and 86ºF when subjected to extreme temperatures! 

External Temperature ºF Cork Temperature ºF
-256 32
32 46
68 55
329 86

The bark has a cellular structure consisting of myriads of tiny, 14-sided cells, each imprisoning a microscopic volume of air. In a piece of natural cork of only one cubic inch in size, there are approximately 200 million of these minute cells, each separated by an impermeable and remarkably strong, resinous membrane. Slightly more than 50 per cent of the volume of a piece of cork is captive air within the cells.  This cellular structure makes cork light in weight, buoyant, resistant to the penetration of moisture, compressible, resilient, resistant to the effects of friction and an ideal thermal and sound insulation material.

Few materials can boast so many characteristics at the same time such as being odorless, resistant to chemical agents, impermeable to liquids, practically rot-proof and highly resistant to insect attacks, compressible and elastic with an extraordinary dimension recovery capacity, very low thermal conductivity, excellent acoustic and vibration insulation, and is very light with high mechanical strength.  In addition, cork is much more chemically inert than most materials, and is therefore capable of withstanding deterioration through age.  It also has a strong resistance to the effects of varying temperature and humidity levels.

Thermal Bridge

Results...a Naturally Healthy Structure

Humidity in walls is the main reason for the deterioration of construction materials. Water in its two conditions: liquid and gaseous, are difficult to eliminate by non aggressive and non destructive methods.  In order to do so, you need materials that impede the water from entering, but not the air, so the walls can naturally cure and dry afterwards, without their appearance being affected.

Suber by Kolmer™ contains 96% cork, a warm material by its very nature, and when in adherence to cold and wet walls, absorbs humidity, filters and evaporates it, without deteriorating the structure. You don’t need aggressive measures like cutting holes in the walls in order to evacuate humidity. By its specific behavior, the cork begins a natural process of curing, via increasing the filtration and evaporation speed of the humidity in the wall.