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  • ARK Coatings are excellent for lowering property maintenance needs, imperative in today's drive towards reducing cost of ownership and critical in "no-maintenance" communities.  We experienced substantial noise and energy costs reductions in our own facilities after coating with Suber!
    - Jeff Greenacre, CEO Greenacre Properties
  • The Suber with Seal-Away polyurethane "Envelope" is an exciting new solution for many projects, not least of which is sealing and protecting degrading concrete, terraces, balconies and other substrates which are exposed to hi-salinity and moisture near coastlines.  Currently, the existing technology being used is decades old, difficult to work with and often ineffective.
    - Jerry Dabkowski PE., VP. Michael Baker International
  • Adhesion tests were attempted, but the nature of the Suber disallowed any adherence...my reaction is "FANTASTIC" - nothing wants to attach itself to this film, which indicates its unique natural resistance properties to the elements!!!
    - Walter Poff C.E., Former NACE President